First Things First...

rEmYndEr Media, Inc. is a Federally Incorporated Digital Media company out of Canada. While our reach indeed spans the globe, at the moment the majority of our readership resides in the U.S.A. and everything on the site is offered in American English.    

Currently we exist in a traditional, top-down hierarchical structure, however, the long-term vision involves such ideas as ‘Holacracy’ (or a ‘flat’ business structure) and ‘proactive transparency’, and revolves around the idea of information dissemination grounded in genuine integrity, no matter how original the expression of the respective brand may be. 

In the spirit of this, we differ in a few significant ways from competitors: 

1) We don’t offer a media kit, preferring instead to concentrate our efforts on evergreen content that speaks for itself, and is capable of lasting, organic growth (however slow that may be) resulting in a truly symbiotic relationship between brand and reader across time.    

2) The medium is indeed the message, and in our case this means a) The Blog b) The Blog c) THE BLOG. While we certainly designed this space with both aesthetics and entertainment in mind — and, as mentioned in the Article Design section, to be competitive — it remains first and foremost a place for readers: autodidacts looking for that intuitive resonance with their personal truth. There is a strong in-house focus with little to no endorsement of figureheads (in or out), and the privacy of both our readers and contributors is important to us. (For an exact breakdown of what information we collect from our readers, and how and why we use it, see our privacy policy.) 

It should go without saying that the majority of our articles are structured and tweaked for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). That is, they are designed around a specific “key phrase” potential readers may type into the search field on their computer. This key phrase will be found in the title of the piece, as well as numerous times throughout the body. While this is necessary in order for us to remain competitive, we do so in as unobtrusive a manner as possible, in order that the heart of the article itself not be compromised.

We are currently affiliated with a number of other online companies (Apple, Amazon, etc.) mainly through affiliate linking. That is, books or products mentioned in an article will often be highlighted with a link to said item. If you, the reader, follows the link through and decide to purchase the item (or, in certain cases, a different item on the same website) we receive a small commission from the sale. 

Because this is a practice we often engage in, a disclosure link has been placed at the top of each article that contains affiliate links. In certain cases, where we’ve requested re-publishing rights to an article previously written by an outside author, the affiliate links remain in the ownership of said author (they receive the commission, we don’t).

Outside of in-article commission links, we also recommend a number of the products we’ve used in the creation and maintenance of this website. These are direct links that clearly state our affiliation with said products / companies, and the fact that we are compensated for our recommendation of them.

The two types of Native advertising we currently engage are on-page / in-feed / in-article ads (Google Adsense) and recommendation widgets (Shareaholic). These are critical in keeping this website operational, and we thank you for your understanding of this, as well as your willingness to turn off any ad-blockers you may have running while visiting us.

We don’t do sponsored ads (where we’ve been paid to write an entire article in order to promote a specific, outside product or service while appearing native to rest of the site), and plans to implement an ad-free version for a small subscription fee is in the works.

With that out of the way, onto…

The Sell!