Why Us?

Why Us?


Is that a weird thing to say? Well don’t get too excited – we don’t mean it literally. Hopefully you’ll have an idea of what we’re talking about by the time you’re done reading this. (You won’t, however, ‘grock it in fullness’ unless you decide to stick around for a while.)



First off, let us start out by stating our unequivocal love of listicles and clickbait headlines. How these attention-grabbing gems have come to be so maligned is beyond us, as the whole point of a headline has always been bells and whistles (town criers literally rang bells for their announcements in the past). Our whole existence depends on your attention — yes, we want it!



While even a little reading here should make it quite clear that we know how to research, and take the scientific method very seriously, we also understand the epistemological limits of our current vantage point in history… and seek to transcend them where we can. How so? By putting our money where our mouths are and braving the waters of intuition.

Irresponsible? Well, given that we’re still unsure that reality is even reality… not really. The far more absurd idea, to us it seems, is how long we’ve allowed ourselves to collectively accept media as reality. Marshall McLuhen would be so disappointed! Not only was ‘objective journalism’ a doomed enterprise from the start–it never existed in the first place (kind of like objective observation itself, possibly? ;)

And because we’re aware of this, we have no qualms admitting what we’re up to: a soft lean into a warmer future, materialized for the everyday consumer. Our general intent is to assist you, our readers, into ‘dreaming the new world into being’ by offering something you won’t get anywhere else: easily digested, high-quality content that comes from the heart. 



What all this means is no over-arching dogma or indoctrination (religious, academic or otherwise), combined with a willing vulnerability to openly reach for a flexible philosophical coherency as we grow. And a flexible mind means a flexible reality — no matter our current life circumstances — because it provides the space needed for the heart to be properly heard.

And there’s no more perfect vehicle for what we’re doing than the set-point digital media appears to be evolving towards.  Simple, slow drops from the still of wisdom, integrated, is the future.


How long have you been hearing that you’re not the center of the universe? Quite a while, we bet. Well, guess what? You ARE. How could you not be? Everyone insisting that you’re not has forgotten that they are too, otherwise they wouldn’t be doing so.

…and if you understood THAT, then you’ll fit in just fine here. If you didn’t, allow us to woo you (heh) a little further.



The main thing we deal with here are concepts, ideas. And far too many of us, in our opinion, have accepted far too many limiting ones over the course of our lives, often without even knowing it. And while limits are of course a necessary and important part of self-definition no matter what stage we’re at, they stop serving their purpose when they become insurmountable.

And that’s what we’re up to here: offering slow drops from the still to keep those beliefs well within climbing-capacity. And we work (play) hard to make this medicine as potent as possible, yet coated in the tastiest flavouring.

But the biggest plus? It’s non-addictive! Our ‘end-game’ is not an army of followers, rather, an ongoing graduation of lit-up individuals who lead by simply living a life that makes them happy — whatever that may look like — no longer requiring our particular… 



We understand how strapped everyone is for time. Yet the dominant ‘solution’ we see being sold is one that simply adds more things we ‘should’ be doing to our already-stuffed task lists, instead of learning how to allow our personal perspectives to shift to a vantage point that makes room for far smarter (and much more enjoyable) creation.

Sure, continually forced action can result in permanently adopted lifestyle changes, but it’s rare. Almost inevitably, these attempts end up going the way of dieting and new years resolutions: fizzling out before successfully making the transition into permanent change.

Far easier, then, to take a pause once a week, slip a dropper under your tongue, and contemplate the taste of the universe therein, no?

And, unlike the meds you’re normally prescribed, ours have been engineered to get at the root, even though they may appear deceptively simple (and yummy!) going down. And that, really, is our main mission…



(…and one for us too, of course.) Because so much of what we have to offer here can be quite heady when approached from an intellectual perspective alone, we attempt to do the same thing that all truly wise men & women have done throughout history: Keep It Simple (Stupid)!

That is, to locate and retain the pearls at the center of the Sphinx’s many riddles, while returning the hard shell to the sea. (Which is also why we believe, quite strongly, in the power of repeated platitudes in their most potent form: THE MEME.)

Simply put, we are a solution-focused, positive, pro-earth, pro-human organization, and we understand that the best way to help is, of course, to balance our heads with our hearts, take risks, relax, laugh, and appreciate life and all of its ‘drama’ a little more; to replace negative thoughts with effective ones; to fare better in our relationships, foster our emotions, and, above all, to reconnect OURSELVES with that genuine, solitary voice inside that knows what’s best.

What that looks like, in the end, is none of our concern — it’s all about whatever works for you. And once you get that down, you’ll realize that…



Once you start functioning from this place, even a little, it will inevitably begin to result in up-liftment — in different forms and pockets of time — not only for yourself, but those you come into contact with as well.

And we mean that! How could it not? Such a thing goes well beyond ostensible labels of ‘good’ or ‘bad’ (i.e. unexamined value judgements), pulling instead from the deep well of self-knowledge each of us has access to.

And we do. Despite the current cultural climate, superheroes come in all manner of guises, whether it’s Darryl Anka’s Bashar or Eminem. And we honestly don’t care where you land on the spectrum, only whether or not it’s a genuine reflection of the grandest vision you have for you.


While our content indeed runs the gamut from ‘deeply profound’ to  ‘laugh out loud’, if you stick around for a while, you’ll surely get a sense of the undertones at play. What we’re going for here is a feeling that can’t really be put into words, but one that all of us know intimately once it’s found — a gut-level clarity that has to do with… 



…and the myriad forms it takes in our lives, if only we learn how to RE-cognize it again! But so many of us seem to end up getting lost, sooner or later, in the endless battle fields of ‘right and wrong’, ‘blame and shame’, ‘better and worse’, you know the story. (It is, after all, the oldest one in history).  

What we do instead is offer a blend, in a small (yet deceptively nutritious) weekly ration of contemplation, hardy enough to transcend all that system-clogging stuff, yet sweet enough to instil the inspiration in you, eventually, to build your own treehouse in the backyard, with friends & family you continually choose (and vice-versa) and setting out on your own quests to, as Lou Barlow of Dinosaur Jr. once wisely put it…



So consider us a way to ‘touch ground’ and set the tone for the rest of your week by RE-minding you, emotionally, to keep your eyes open enough to spot those magic moments! 

In the end, this is all we’re trying to do: land a weekly post between your ears that you look forward to opening. A post that just may have the power to change the entire tone of your day, and — very possibly — over a longer period of time, your life. It’s as simple, and as awesome, as that.

“Another self cannot teach/learn enlightenment, but only teach/learn information, inspiration, or a sharing of love, of mystery, of the unknown that makes the other-self reach out and begin the seeking process…” ~ Law of One

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