You have to understand, my dears, that the shortest distance between truth and a human being is a story.
Anthony De Mello
WordPress Developer
The Falcon and The Branch
The Fool and The King
A Tale of Love & Money: The Country That Had No Onions
The Young Master: A Story of Wealth & Privilege
What Screaming In Anger Indicates: Why We Yell At Those We Love
The Curmudgeon & The Sycophant: A Story of Two Servants.
The Emperor and The Beggar
A Tale of True Power: The Monk and The General
A Traditional Hindu Legend: Where The Treasure Lies
The Wisdom of ‘Maybe’
The Samurai’s Lesson
The Story of the Stone Cutter
The Pupil Who Would Be Cast Out: A Zen Tale of Right and Wrong
The Story of the Prince and the Three Dolls
The Emperor and the Seed
The Salt Doll
The Story of the Stream and The Desert
The Wise Woman & The Stone
The Elephant Rope: A Famous Folk Tale
The Gift: A Young Warrior Challenges an Old Master
The Tale of Two Wolves
The Thief and The Zen Master
Of Heaven & Hell: The Parable of the Long Spoons
A Short Story: Misfortune
 Befalls the Monk Next Door
Buddha and The Farmer With 83 Problems
The Making of a Saint
The Apple Seed: A Tale of Power and Honesty

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